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Gifts and Social Security Benefits

In Benefits and Employment Articles, Benefits Articles, Blog, Seasonal Favorite by eri

We hope you enjoy many gifts this holiday season. And remember, sometimes the best gifts don’t come in packages. Just in case, it’s a good idea to learn how gifts are viewed by Social Security for the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) programs. Let’s start with the easy one: SSDI. Gifts do not affect SSDI …

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Be Diverse! Strengthen Your Business and Your Community

In Advocacy, Employment Articles, Featured, News by Helena Gerritsen

When you invest in a diverse workforce, you build a team that has a depth of talent, innovation, and dedication not found in non-inclusive workforces. The more diverse your team is, the more skillful and innovative they will be in accomplishing the goals and resolving the challenges you set before them. Companies benefit in many ways from investing in a …

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Caller-ID “Spoofing” Scheme Misuses Social Security Customer Service Number

In Benefits Articles, Featured, News, Social Security Benefits by Priscilla Matthews

Social Security has received numerous reports of questionable phone calls displaying their 1-800 number on a caller-ID screen. This may be a scam! If a person claiming to be from Social Security calls you and threatens you for information or promises a Social Security benefit approval or increase in exchange for information: The reports indicate the calls display the 1-800-772-1213, …

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Advancing Employment First and Building Full Lives: Working Together

In Employment Articles, Featured, News by Priscilla Matthews

Wisconsin is an Employment First state, where we work together to Build Full Lives. Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you don’t want to work and participate in your community like everyone else.  Employment First is a framework centered on the belief that all citizens, including individuals with significant disabilities, are capable of full participation in integrated employment and community life. In …

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Ask Ben: I’m Enrolled in Medicare. Is There Something I Need to Do this Fall?

In Ben Spec, Benefits and Employment Articles, Featured, News by Ben Spec

Fall in Wisconsin!  It may not be as exotic as Paris or Africa, but who can beat these gorgeous fall colors?  As I sit here admiring the beautiful fall leaves and enjoying the crisp air, I’ll answer a question about Medicare that comes along each fall…. Dear Ben, I enrolled in Medicare when I first became eligible last May. I’ve …

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Motivated, Uniquely Skilled, and Thinking About Work. What’s Next?

In Employment Articles, Featured, Job Search Tips, Resources by Priscilla Matthews

You’re motivated, have unique skills, and know you’d be a great asset to the right employer.  Those are excellent qualities that will take you far. If you have a disability, you may have a few more things to think through than the typical job seeker. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many resources are available in Wisconsin to help you find …

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When You Have a Mental Health Disability and Need Benefits….

In Benefits Articles, Featured, Mental Health Resources, Social Security Benefits by Priscilla Matthews

Complex. Confusing. Overwhelming.  These are just a few of the words used to describe what it’s like to have a mental health disability and apply for Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Some people are able to navigate the application process on their own or with the help of family and friends. Others may need a little more support.  Jolin, a …

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ERI Supports National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In Advocacy, Employment Articles, Featured, News by Priscilla Matthews

These are the people seeking meaningful work who we meet every day at ERI. They also have a disability. How can each of us contribute to a world where every person has the ability to live a full, active life at work, home, and in their communities? October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This is an opportunity to share …