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ERI PLUS supports workers with disabilities (Ticket holders) to maintain long-term employment and confidently leave Social Security benefits.

Put Your Ticket to Work for You! ERI PLUS is an Employment Network under the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program. ERI PLUS supports workers with disabilities (Ticket holders) to maintain long-term employment and confidently leave Social Security benefits.
Stay Informed and Get Ongoing Support If you have found employment (on your own or through Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services), we can help you manage your changing benefits issues and provide financial assistance to help you move forward in your employment goals.

To assign your Ticket to ERI PLUS you must be:

  • employed with a goal to end your Social Security cash benefits.
  • eligible for SSDI or SSI payments (even if you currently do not receive a payment).
  • able to meet earnings requirements.

ERI PLUS offers Ticket holders:

Benefits planning and assistance to help manage changing benefit and health insurance issues. We will help you:

  • navigate the complex Social Security, healthcare, and other public benefit systems. This may include a benefits analysis, work incentives planning, information and referral, navigation with various benefits agencies, etc.
  • learn best ways to avoid problems and report income to Social Security and other agencies,
  • get accurate, current information about the status of your work incentives – such as the Trial Work Period and Extended Period of Eligibility,
  • keep your benefit records up-to-date with Social Security,
  • stay connected to needed services and supports while you are working.

Career and employment counseling to help address barriers and explore or advance employment opportunities. Examples include:

  • sharing self-advocacy strategies to help you communicate employment concerns and goals,
  • connecting you to tools and information to assist in career and employment planning,
  • providing support with job conflicts, job stress, job loss and career transition,
  • assisting with disability issues including disability disclosure and requesting reasonable accommodations,
  • coaching in job search strategies and skills such as networking, effective resumes, interviewing, and labor market trends.

Connections to a variety of employment and disability related resources.

Ticket to Work services are provided by: Photo of Kate Kingree
Kate Kingree, Ticket to Work Program Manager
608.246-3444 x225 | toll-free 800-710-9326 x225

Sarah Geller
Sarah Geller, Employment and Customer Service Specialist
608.246-3444 x240 | toll-free 800-710-9326 x240

Couldn't ask for better, informed, articulate, kind treatment. Love them!Samir
Kate helped me to comprehend what previously has been a great unknown wrapped in a mess. The most helpful things was obtaining cash to survive as I rebuild my life.Cory
They walked me through the whole process and explained with detail how everything works. Finally understood the whole Ticket program and how it affected my SSI Benefits.Anna
Excellent service from all staff that I have worked with. Very helpful with all questions I had.James
Kate has been helping me and she is outstanding. She's very helpful, full of information and always responds to my questions immediately. She also lets me know when things are forgotten or needed.Elton

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