The WDBN provides training, technical assistance and a professional forum for Benefit specialists throughout Wisconsin. The WDBN seeks ways to reach out and better serve people with disabilities, their supporters and professional service providers regarding the impact of employment on government benefits.

The WDBN Exists to:

  • Train Work Incentives Benefits Specialists (WIBS)
    • Opportunities to for initial training for new benefit specialists
    • Access to ongoing technical assistance and mentoring to improve practice and information accuracy
    • Training and networking events
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Online technical resources and current news
  • Train Benefits Specialists in partnership with Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) and Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR)
    • Intensive initial training for new benefit specialists
    • Online Training Curriculum
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Networking events
    • Quality assurance initiatives
  • Educate people with disabilities, social service professionals, and the public regarding public
    benefit programs, work incentives and the relationship between employment on public

    • Conference participation including displays and exhibits
    • Agency In-service training
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Web resources and newsletter
  • Participate in quality assurance standard development. Initiatives include:
    • Development of standards of practice that will offer a level of protection for consumers; professional recognition for practitioners; and quality assurance for purchasers and employers.
    • Wisconsin Work Incentives Benefits Specialists Association (WIBSA) members who maintain a prescribed level of training, adopt a code of conduct, and participate in a peer review process

WDBN Program Services are provided by

Stephanie Drum
Stephanie Drum
Benefits Education Director
Email Stephanie | Phone: 608-246-3444, Ext. 229

Anna Gouker
Anna Gouker
Employment Counselor
Email Anna | Phone: 608-246-3444, Ext. 234

Cesar Hinojosa
Cesar Hinojosa
Graphic Designer
Email Cesar | Phone: 608-246-3444, Ext. 228

Lisa Horton
Lisa Horton
Media and Quality Specialist
Email Lisa | Phone: 608-246-3444, Ext. 247

Megan Koch
Megan Koch
Benefits Counseling Services and Outreach Lead
Email Megan | Phone: 608.246-3444 x230

Theresa Kulow
Theresa Kulow
Assistant Director
Email Theresa | Phone: 608.246-3444 x224

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